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The ask was simple - make a Chevy spot to promote Warner Bros. latest LEGO Batman movie.


What we delivered was a 360 campaign that drove record-breaking box office numbers and unprecedented media coverage for Chevrolet. 

:60 Animated Film


We 'LEGO-ized' our Real People campaign all the way down to our beloved bearded moderator.

LEGO Focus Group


LEGO Batmobile on


Like any other Chevy vehicle, you could 'customize' and purchase an actual LEGO Batmobile through

:15 Animated pre-roll

Life-size LEGO Batmobile Reveal


Among all the impressive vehicles at the International Detroit Auto Show, we revealed a life-size Batmobile made entirely of LEGOs. This crowd-pleaser was built by Master Builders at LEGO and took 344,187 bricks and 1,833 hours to create.

Mini LEGO Billboards Teasers


To tease the reveal, we handmade tiny LEGO OOH boards and placed them outside the Detroit International Auto Show.​

Bat Signal on GM Headquarters


To further promote the campaign, we projected an authentic Bat Signal on the GM RenCen for the week of the Auto Show.