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chicken war veteran




- The brieF -

It was 2020 and the Chicken Wars were at their peak. What did the countries 'First in Fried Chicken' do about it?


Absolutely NOTHING.

Instead, they let the competition destroy each other in a media frenzy of accusations and downright disses.

As the crumbs settled, Church's took this 'cease-fire' as an opportunity to launch their very first fried Chicken Sandwich.

'Thanks for Waiting'

launch broadcast spot





Tweet-inspired broadcast spot

A week into launch, Church's asked us to develop another TV spot to showcase the unexpected positive response to our sandwich on social.

We aggregated real Tweets, vetted the accounts, redesigned and recut a new spot - all in under two weeks.



90's throwback employee uniforms & covid MASKS

Much like every QSR, Church's restaurant traffic was relegated to the drive-thru during Covid. We saw this as an opportunity to boost the morale of employees and customers. We designed new uniforms with the slogan 'WE HERE NOW' - letting everyone know Church's was here for you before - and especially during - the this crazy pandemic. 

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