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We had the privilege of creating proprietary content for AM General - the government contract company behind the iconic military Humvee.​


After a sobering tour of their factory in South Bend, we worked with Army veterans to ensure our communication would tell the honest story of this battle-tested vehicle. The primary goal - communicate that the Humvee's classic platform was anything but obsolete.


These videos ran as exclusive content in AM General's booth at the AUSA Defense Trade Show in Washington, DC. The look and feel established in these videos set the tone for all the future AM General brand work .

'DROP' Live Footage Video

We needed to tell a compelling story of the Humvee that previously did not exist. We were able to comb through AM Generals classified library of Humvee training footage and found the most dramatic moments - like being dropped out of a C47. We then designed graphic supers, transitions and a custom audio track with real-military SFX to create a dynamic film, showcasing the real-world capabilities of the Humvee.

'ADAPT' Animated Video

Sometimes a story needs to be told, yet the product doesn't exist. This was the case when AM General wanted to showcase aspects of the Humvee that were in development. Animation was the ideal solution as we could create everything in CGI - from the vehicles exterior and internal components, to the overall environment. 

Social Shorts


We made cut downs of key messaging for AM General to use in their communications.

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