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Getting the keys to your first car is one of the most exhilarating moments for teenagers.


It's also one of the most anxious times for their parents.


To capitalize on this emotional truth we created a campaign that spoke directly to the parents of teen drivers; while also encouraging people of all ages to share their #FirstCarMoment. The response was overwhelming - with thousands of earned impressions and shares. 

After the incredible feedback, Michelin took this message to a global audience by commissioning an animated brand spot. The first of its kind for the company is almost a decade.  

#FirstCarMoment YouTube Film

We sourced real clips of teens getting the keys to their first car and cut a montage of these moments. The take away was a simple, yet direct reminder for parents - 'You made them happy, now keep them safe.' 

 #FirstCarMoment Tumblr Feed

We curated a Tumblr to visually showcase people's #FirstCarMoment and received thousands of earned submissions.

#FirstCarMoment Twitter Response



 #FirstCarMoment Press & PR


'KEYS' Animated Brand Spot

We created an animated brand spot telling the story of a father gifting his daughter her first car, but not without some welcomed interference from the Michelin Man. World-class animation studio Psyop brought to life the young girl's journey through every season of her life.


'KEYS' Press Release

'PENNY TEST' Tire Safety Social Film

To further promote Michelin's commitment to safety, we created a social film to help teens understand the basics of tire safety. Executed fully in-house, this simple video explained how teens could test the roadworthiness of their own tires using nothing more than a penny.

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