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"A dirty, complicated endeavor better left to professionals."


The key takeaway by most DIY'ers regarding the daunting project insulating their homes.


To shift this perception - we created the Owens Corning DIY 'Insulation Toolbox'.

A collection of videos, apps and interactive AR tools aimed at educating DIY'ers on everything insulation.


From roof to basement - Owens Corning has your back.

Winter Insulation Social Videos


The first step to building DIY confidence was establishing the benefit of insulation - especially in the Winter months. These were quick, digestible videos produced entirely in-house.

'Rolls vs Batts' How-to Video


How-to content needs to be simple, informative and quick. We recut Owens library of existing how-to videos (that were each over 3 min. long) and made them digestible for any DIYer.


We developed the Owens Corning 'WALL2WALL' app as the hero of the 'DIY Toolbox'. From accurate AR room scans to real-time stock updates at your local Home Depot or Lowes, this app is the essential tool for tackling any insulation project, big or small. 




Whether you are mid-project or simply browsing, the Owens Corning in-store AR tool gives DIYers an interactive experience at point of sale. From product info and demos, to installation instructions and coupons, it's everything you need to confidently complete your insulation purchase.

'Material House' Update


Owens Corning spent lots of time and money developing their interactive 'Material House' - a 3D rendering that lived online and took users through a predetermined product tour. We felt this asset could be more effective by allowing visitors to guide themselves through the house - hotspots would quickly lead users to product infographics and how-to videos related to their specific project. A simple, but effective upgrade which enhanced the overall efficiency and interactivity of their 'Material House'.

New AR 'Material House'


We took the 'Material House' concept one step further and created a fully interactive AR experience - one that would essentially let the user build and customize the 'Material House' in any environment. An ideal tool for sales meetings, in-store demonstrations, trade shows and employee training.

Owens in the Social Stratosphere


Efficiency is paramount for Owens Corning - it's literally at the core of what they do. Everything we brought to the table from product 360's to updating their 'Material House' could be repurposed for any digital platform and affiliate.

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